lavanto® Range of Products

Our own brand lavanto® offers you a wide range of sinks, basins and showers made of solid surface material. Built into your worktop or as a semi-finished product for your own fabrications, these products ideally complement our portfolio.

Dynamic Shopping Breaks

For the new spectacular shopping center "Abdali Mall" in Jordan Rosskopf + Partner produced three-dimensional shaped lounge and media furniture, various directional signposts and unusual information displays made of bright white solid surface material of the brand Avonite®.

Attractive Furniture

Modular reception counters and seating elements made of white solid surface material are now the primary focus in a new office building in Germany. They are fabricated from the isomi® Solid Surface Collection.

White Tables

A modern working environment was designed by the architecture firm Hemmi Fayet. As an eye-catcher, there are six radiantly white worktops 10 meters in length made of solid surface material. The surface of each table appears as if it were cast from a single mould.

Sculptural Crystal

In the foyer of the listed HVB Tower building in Munich in a unique architectural backdrop, Rosskopf + Partner processes nearly 850 m² of solid surface material into a huge ‘crystal’.

Fascinating Light Play

For the London hotel ‘Motel One’ we were partners in the realization of a completely back-lit facade made of solid surface material. The design is by Ken Mackay.